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Our short courses are aimed at meat enthusiasts and keen cooks who want to pick up new butchery skills and learn more about where their meat comes from. During the courses there are lots of opportunities to learn about your local meat producers, the meat industry and to discuss cooking meat in general.

All our courses are run for just two people so that lots of individual tuition and hands on experience can be given.

Lamb or Pork Butchery

On this course you will learn how to butcher a whole salt marsh lamb or a side of free range pork and make a batch of sausages.  You will process the lamb or pork from start to finish and along the way will learn techniques such as boning out, rolling and tying of larger joints as well as the preparation of smaller cuts such as chops and steaks.  You will come away with a clear idea about where all the cuts come from and how to use them as there is lots of time for talking whilst working. At the end of the course we will make a batch of sausages from all the trimmings using fresh herbs and seasonings and natural casings.

The participants of the course take home half the produce made each, equating to about 10 kilos of meat each.

Course length - approx 3 hours

Course cost - £125 per person (based on two people per course) 




Sausage Making and Dry Curing

On this course you will firstly take an in depth look at sausage recipes and techniques.  There will be some butchery of cuts suitable for sausage making such as pork belly and shoulder followed by the making of some delicious sausages from scratch using natural casings and fresh herbs and seasonings.  Participants are welcome to bring their own recipe ideas and we will make two 5 kilo sausage batches.  The second part of the course will be an introduction into dry curing. Participants will bone out and prepare both a brisket of beef and a loin or belly of pork for making salt beef and bacon. You will learn the dry curing process and also how to use different herbs and spices in addition to achieve a wonderful finished product.  The two participants take all the produce home equating to about 7.5 kilos each.

Course Length - approx 3 hours

Course cost - £125 per person (based on two people per course)

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